The Krude Experience - Big Bad Bill…

Big Bad Bill…

… ain’t sweet William now. That’s for fucking sure.

By grabbing a peek at the pic of this blog, Krüde knows that you know who the ‘Bill’ is. Or not. Doesn’t matter. I’m gonna tell a sordid tale about a real person. Truth hurts. Always does.

Bill Belichick is up to his usual tricks again. BB is a NFL head coach. Who loves to cheat. No other coach at the professional ranks has ever sunk so low to get a positive effect on their won/loss record.

Why Krüde is taking another bloggy shot at Billy B is cuz of a player he recently drafted to play quarterback for the New England Patriots. Enter Mac Jones.

Jones is playing like he has been in the NFL for 5 years already. He is a rookie who wasn’t that highly regarded by most teams come draft time. What gives? Think The Patriot Way. And that ‘way’ is all about being sleazy and underhanded. And completely criminal. The Patriots have been cheating HARD for the life of Belichick’s employment with them. Over 20 years. How do they do it? Lets take a look:

 First, take a look at this book Spygate  It explains the way the Patriots bamboozled the NFL while Tom Brady was QB. Now that Jones is the QB, the Pats are cruising along as if nothing has changed. Belichick is a shady little twit. That is a given. Even worse is the NFL letting the grift go unpunished.

The 2020 NFL season was an anomaly for the Patriots. They were very mediocre. Their QB was Cam Newton, a successful QB for many years with the Carolina Panthers. Newton didn’t play very well with the Pats. Mainly because Belichick knew if Newton became smart to the Patriot Way, he would definitely rat out the Pats to the world. So Belichick didn’t use the Patriot Way with Newton. They hung him out to dry. Now in 2021, rookie Mac Jones looks All World playing with Pats. He ‘instinctively’ knows exactly where to throw the ball. Hmmm… Just like a young Tom Brady, a former 6th round pick. Jones is a 1st round pick. Billy B getting slick with the grift these days. Fuck him. Forever

If you think the NFL is totally on the level, think again. The more $$$ they generate, the more unreal the ‘sport’ gets. Commissioner Roger Goodell doesn’t care about football. He cares about obscene profits. Creating new stars and manipulating their every move is Goodell’s way conducting business. Add in the NFL employed referees, and you get what you get: fixed games. Just watch any game. If there is a bad call (or more), it’s not unusual. Games are determined by the refs. And the refs take their orders from Goodell. Anybody see a problem with this setup? Belichick doesn’t mind at all

The NFL is fun to watch. It is Entertainment. That’s for certain. I’ll continue to watch NFL games, but not sure for how long. Pro wrestling seems to have more validity to it than NFL football. Mahalo










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