Harpo's Has A Dance Floor and Jackknife Kush: GCW Presents Most Notorious

Harpo’s Has A Dance Floor and Jackknife Kush: GCW Presents Most Notorious

Live from Harpo’s Concert Hall in Detroit, MI

January 14, 2022

Available on FITE.tv 

by Tiffany R. Merryhill

It’s been years since I’ve been to Detroit. I really saw no reason to return, honestly…until I saw the dance floor at Harpo’s.

GCW plays a part in my hurry to get back to the cold, cold D, of course. I want to go and see the shows there, because they’ve constantly delivered ever since they started having shows in the Motor City. Still, though? I just want to get really high and walk John Travolta 1978-style across that dance floor at Harpo’s.

One thing of all that's important to note - the road to Hammerstein is paved with disco lights.

Most Notorious legitimately felt like a 1998 ECW pay-per-view to me. The elements of the old school were all there: appearances by wrestling legends who graced the outlaws with their presence, a lineup of matches that showed the grand scope of GCW’s vision with everything high-flying and death-defying, and the ushering in of fresh talent by way of freshly spilled blood. This is what keeps so many of us going as wrestling fans. This is what keeps me young.

Next weekend in Manhattan we’ll witness The WRLD on GCW on every viewing platform available. The whole notion of attending a wrestling event at the Hammerstein Ballroom still blows my mind. It was an unattainable dream 20-plus years ago when I was an ECW die-hard fan (and broke college student) from far, far away to go to Massacre on 34th Street or Guilty as Charged. At the time of this writing, I haven’t felt this combination of excitement and pride in a long time. In fact, I haven’t felt like this in about 25 years. The last time I felt this excited about a wrestling show was ECW’s Barely Legal back in 1997…the promotion’s first step into the world of cable television. I didn’t expect to be fortunate enough to experience this depth of emotion for wrestling twice in my lifetime, but here we are in this wonderful place.

But Detroit, yeah? I think I’m starting to see what Brett Lauderdale sees in that city. I trust his vision, and I already like the ambiance of Harpo’s despite having never visited there. Much like the Voltage Lounge in Philly and like the Basement East in Nashville prior to its remodeling last year, Harpo’s is that music venue that has volumes of potential for wrestling chaos. It’s a shadowy, spacious location illuminated by a dance floor that looks straight out of Saturday Night Fever, seriously. I wanna go there.

In a lot of ways Most Notorious felt like a love letter to Detroit and to ECW at the same time. We saw Big Sexy himself, Kevin Nash, make an appearance and drop the knowledge that Jackknife Kush exists in our lifetime. We saw the reunion of TNA’s Paparazzi Productions when Nash’s fellow Detroit native and former stablemate Alex Shelley joined Big Sexy in the ring to declare that GCW fucking rules (and he is right about that). One of the biggest highlights for me was to hear Huka Blues play loud throughout Harpo’s as Sabu came to the ring. Years pass in wrestling, but the feelings you experience don’t go away; they stay fresh and evergreen even decades later.

Don’t forget we live in a world where both Ricky Morton and 2 Cold Scorpio still kick ass! Those two showed out in their tag match with BUSSY; gotta say even though I was rooting for EFFY and Allie Katch I was damn glad to see Morton hitting crazy-ass spots just like he would when I was a kid. And on the regular, too…both him and Scorpio are prominent mainstays in the GCW ring!

Everything about Most Notorious proved itself positively to me that a new level has been reached for the outlaws. If this show was a precursor to what we’ll see in Manhattan next weekend, then damn it I’m happy to say we’re in good hands as wrestling fans. If anyone needs more confirmation of this, look no further than the main event of this show. New blood was initiated into the ring, and man it was wild. Now, I’m from down south where most people know about Hoodfoot Mo Atlas and the huge path of destruction he’s left in his wake. But did they really know in the Motor City? If not, they found out!

This was one of my favorite GCW main event matches in recent memory. Alex Colon is the guy to face when you’re stepping in THAT ring for the first time, and when you’re making your debut match in a promotion like this you don’t take any half measures against Colon. Hoodfoot went all the way in on this battle. It’d been a long time coming for us fans to see Mo make his GCW debut, and I assure you by the end of the match we were rabid to see him make another appearance. Even in defeat after a war, Hoodfoot had the respect of the Detroit audience and spilled enough blood to reinforce his reputation as an absolute goddamn beast in the ring.

You know, initially I had my doubts about Detroit but they were dispelled by the end of Most Notorious. Now I’m ready to see for myself what Harpo’s is all about, and so I’ll plan a trip for April when the outlaws ride into town again. As of tonight, however, there’s only one more show before Hammerstein next week…so the barely-controlled carnage that we’re bound to see at Say You Will in Chicago surely will carry itself all the way over to NYC for The WRLD on GCW. You think you’re ready? I’m not even CLOSE to ready for what’s ahead!

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