Don't blink an eye while watching Paradigm Pro Wrestling's UWFi Contenders - Season 4, Episode 2 Review/Recap


We're back with episode two of season four of Paradigm Pro Wrestlings UWFi Contenders series. If you fast forward through the show's opening, I'm challenging you to a fight at PPW's next show.

I'll kick your ass for free.

So, if you are into broadway classics, tonight's episode isn't for you - BUT, if you love seek and destroy blink an eye Tysonesche chaos, well ... you've found gold.

Six matches, about 10 minutes of wrestling - and before you go bitching about length, go to the bathroom and remind yourself you wouldn't last a minute in that ring.

UWFi rules were designed to do exactly what happened on tonight's show. These matches are fast-paced, explosive, and often end in an instant such as Brutus Dylan's destruction of Andy Ripley. Literally, I got up from the couch to get a coke from the fridge, by the time I got back from the fridge the match was over.

Twenty-four seconds.

Another new face for my eyes, Scarlett, came out intense as fuck looking to make a name in the game, laying waste to Jeffrey John, who never really mounted much of an offensive threat, with exception of lifting the larger Scarlett up and dropping her on her shoulder, which stunned her long enough for him to try and tap her out, and a nice clothesline that stunned her - but she showed the most important thing in UWFi contests - the ability to strike fast; choking John out and grabbing the win.

Isaiah Broner held onto his Heavy Hitters Title, defeating Steve Pena; Pena defeated Broner at Pale Pro a month earlier. I don't know if I've ever said this, but that Heavy Hitter's title is a beauty of a belt. I like the purple back of the belt. Feels unique. 

Broner is a misfit man. So damn big so damn fast, so damn agile. Pene is no slouch, dropping Broner on his head, lettin' the big man know it's not gonna be a 24 second ride tonight.

In the end however, Broner is just too much to handle as he successfully defends his title, at one time power bombing Pena with one arm, eventually ending the match with a vicious spinning elbow smash.

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