Indie Wrestling Must See Matches of 2022 - A continually updated list of matches you gotta see.

Inevitably at the end of every year I think to myself "Man, I should have kept an up-to-date list of every match that I really loved throughout the year" and I try to use my memory to write something.

And give up.

This year, I'm going to document these matches as they happen. Now - this list isn't the "Best matches of 2022," it's the matches I HAVE enjoyed the most; some may fall in line with Best of Year, but some may just be fun matches that I want to remember. Obviously, with that said, these are matches that I actually watched. If I didnt' see the show, I didn't see the match - I don't put "friends" on the list or for clout or whatever these other fake sites do. I'm a professional, bub. 

You're welcome.

Indie Wrestling Stand Out Matches - 2022

Alec Price vs. JD Drake @ Limitless Wrestling Worcester 1/1/22 

Alex Colon defeats John Wayne Murdoch @ GCW's "Die For This," - 1/1/22

Tom Lawlor vs. Jordan Blade @ Paradigm Pro's UWFi Contenders Series -1/5/22

Suge D v. Moses @ Moechella Season 2 Episode 4 1/7/22

Jordan Oliver v. G-Raver @ VxS/NPU Already Dead 1/7/22 ****

Thunder Rosa v. Taya Valkyrie @ Zicky Dice's Outlandish Paradise

Kylie Rae v. Allie Katch @ GCW's Say You Will

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