Hot Wings from .... Taco Bell?

Like Vin Diesal I live my life six meals at a time ... wait; uh. Familia.

Anyways you never know where a day is going to take you until you wake up after blacking out from eating a cookie you thought was Famous Amos, but it was actually Cheech n' Chong.

I digress.

Today, i was minding my own business when my buddy from Minny tagged me in an innocent post about hot wings.

No, no. Not just hot wings.

Hot wings from Taco Bell.


Taco Bell.

Now I told myself that I was going to slow down on the hot foods after Monday. What happened on Monday? Well, you're fellow Bum got Monday Wasted and decided to eat fried shrimp and hot sauce at midnight. A LOT of fried shrimp and hot sauce.

SO much hot sauce my mouth was swelled up to the point I could barely swallow. I'm 44.

Anyways ... these wings are just frozen chicken wings you'd get at Kroger, but tossed in Taco Bells taco seasoned rub. And honestly, I didn't mind the rub. It was more cheeto tasting than chipotle flavored, but it was really nice and crispy breading. The meat inside was scary looking, if you ask me. More 1980's McDonald nuggets than the all white nugget young kids don't realize they are lucky to be injesting. 

I'd give these wings a 1.9 out of 5; if the meat was a better quality i could see it jump to a 3, but as these are just promotional wings that are going away in seven days, it is what it is.

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