New South Pro Wrestling Action Clash Ep 67 - Title change and HOSS Tournament Dreams on the line

One of those under the radar Indies that I just love to death is New South - and if you haven't watched an episode of their amazing IWTV program, Action Clash, you should.

Tonight, they show you why this is must see tv; with New South champ Adam Priest dropping the title to Rolando Perez in an interesting match.

First, let's address the elephant in the room: Perez has amazing hair.

Also, rumor has it, that you can rent the New South championship belt for fishing charters.

Part of me believes Priest had a hard time adjusting to the size difference. Perez used his speed to frustrate Priest. Now make no mistake, Adam was able to dish out a ton of hurt to Perez but Rolando utilized his size in missing a lot of punishment that was thrown his way.

Great spot where the two are outside the ring and Perez throws Priest through his own merch table. A championship match wouldn't be complete with a little bit o' red as Priest is busted open after an attempted powerbomb onto the concrete floor turns into Perez flipping Priest into the turnbuckle post.

The fans are passionate as hell at these shows too - in one pin spot, Rolando was 2 1/2 clicks away from winning and a voice from the crowd screamed NOOOOO and I felt that shit.

While the last five minutes of this match were amazing, the twists and turns of the last salvo will have you on the edge of your seat.

It's got an old NWA type feel to it - show stars with a mystery opponent Hoss Qualifier match pitting tag champions Ella Envy & Kenzie Paige against each other. Paige has been killing it as of late, you can also see her on NWA programming.

Evenly matched up contest, the first women's team to hold the New South tag titles, fast paced affair with neither competitor finding an advantage early in the match.

It's do or die in this match, one slot for the HOSS tournament, which adds to the narrative of this friend v. friend match up; who will cross that line?

A fantastic double head butt spot was the highlight of this match for me. That was a fantastic looking strike from both and sold perfectly.

Paige somehow takes everything Envy dishes out and pulls out the victory. Paige moves on to the HOSS Tournament.

Really dig the team of Wasted Generation - i don't know if it's the name and the music they come out to or the unorthodox look of the team, but i dig them.

Brayden Toon reminds me a bit of Buzz Sawyer. Strong teamwork between Logan James & Tyler Matrix separates them from Wasted Generation in this one however, with Infrared taking the W.

Oh, and you know how I said I dug Wasted Generation - well, minutes later they split up in the ring with Sean Campbell turning on his partner. We just can't have nice things, can we? 

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