Velvet Sky is hot and this is the NWA USA Episode One: Velvet Sky is hot.

NWA USA ... well let's see what this is about. Joe Galli is the voice, joined by Velvet Sky and Austin Idol. I'm going to be nicer to Sky now that she came to her senses and dumped Bubba Ray.  But can we get Idol off the fucking mic, jesus. 

Galli & Tim Storm would be the perfect team for announcing, but whatever.

Hey, 70 year old George South is opening up your new show; good idea. South thinks COlby CORINO is his son. Sorry Steve. I do love that CW Anderson is invovled with the NWA now. I've always dug CW.

South gets knocked down by two dudes I have no interest in. Anderson v. Corino today/tonight/tomorrow, depending on when you hit the play button on this youtube vid.

I have thought long and hard about covering the NWA when it employs shitbags like Austin Aries and Tyrus, but there are some amazing athletes that work for the company - plus I can call Aries and Tyrus shit bags each review, so that's cool.

I guess Storm is commish of this show and suspended that tag team that no one cared about, earlier. Velvet Sky is hot.

If Idol keeps talking, I'm muting this fucking show.

There's some cool history between Colby and Anderson; with CW teaming with Colby's dad in the Extreme Horseman, one of the unsung great teams of pro wrasslin' history, with my all-time favorite wrestler, Barry Windham. I respect the journey Colby has taken and it's great to see him get some time on the tv - this was a really fun match to watch. Anderson is a pro's pro, but Corino gets the win to move on to the next round of the JR Heavyweight championship tournament.

Nick Aldis is on the screen. Same promo every time he grabs a mic: "NWA rah rah rah; Me the big deal; show me who's the best,". #Boring.

"Bid you adieu," .... Okay.

Chris Adonis is wearing the bottom part of Karrion Kross's gimp outfit. Weird interaction with the interviewer ... no heat when he was going for heel heat. You tried Chris.

Ignored the Natalia Markova promo. 

So I guess the main event is Hawx v. Hawx, Father v. Son; Dad is clearly going to cheat to win this match, but jokes on him, his son is clearly Zach Wood's kid. I think Joey Janela is reffin' this match. Will investigate. 

I mention Velvet Sky is hot? She is. Know what isn't hot? The back-in-forth between Sky and Idol. It's fucking atrocious. Unfunny. Makes me wanna cut my ears off.

Dad won clean. Huh.

Well, that was 28 minutes that didn't totally piss me off. 

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