Beer Of The Week - Steve Austin's Broken Skull American Lager

Oh hell yeah! It's WrestleMania Saturday, WrestleMania night one, or whatever the WWE is calling it, so there is only one way to spend the day! With the "return" of Stone Cold Steve Austin to the ring tonight, it's the perfect time to crack open the brand new Steve Austin's Broken Skull American Lager as the bWb beer of the week! 

After releasing the Broken Skull IPA a few years ago, I was excited to hear that Steve Austin was going to be releasing an American Lager this time around. Most of you know that I am not an IPA fan, and while the Broken Skull IPA wasn't that bad, a classic American Lager is more my style.

The Broken Skull American Lager is coming in at 4.8% ABV. in a 16oz can. This is a damn good beer that goes down smooth. On a totally different level from the IPA, you can drink this beer all day long. This is the beer that you could imagine Stone Cold Steve Austin drinking on a daily basis while driving a beer truck into the arena. Oh hell yeah!

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