Bum Wine Of The Week - MD 20/20 Golden Pineapple

Happy MD 20/20 May Memorial Day Monday! 

We are putting a bow on our 2022 MD 20/20 May festivities by featuring MD 20/20 Golden Pineapple as the bumwinebob.com bum wine of the week!

As most of you know, MD 20/20 Golden Pineapple was previously known as MD 20/20 GOLD during it's limited edition run in 2020. Sales did so well that the 20/20 Wine Company decided to add it to its full-time lineup in 2021 with a Golden Pineapple rebrand. 

While the MD 20/20 name might have changed since 2020, and the color does look a little bit lighter, the taste is still the same. A grape wine with natural flavor coming in at 13% ALC/VOL. Goes down smooth with an authentic pineapple taste. Definitely one of the more enjoyable MD 20/20 flavors on the market today.

Make your Memorial Day GOLDEN!

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