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Five Day Weekends

Holiday time in the USA often means a day off for most Americans. In the year of our present reality: 2022, getting one day off from work has become exploitation time for mini vacations for most working stiffs. Taking a 3 Day weekend with front and back loading another day makes the perfect non vacation, vacation. Stick it to the Man!!!

Welcome to Memorial Day Weekends from here on in.

New Jersey labor laws don’t include employers to give vacation time to employees. Or even a lunch break. NJ thinks businesses can dictate their own employment terms. Which clearly isn’t the case with most NJ businesses. I have worked for companies that claim they give 2 weeks vacation. But it turns out to be non paid time off if you take it. Fuck that. Hence the need for the 5 Day weekend

We should get a paid week off every two months. That would help a bunch. Fatigue, both mental and physical is a very real concern for experienced adults. Companies will not broke if they give employees periodic vacation time. In my line of work, I see businesses in countries like Italy take the entire summer off to recharge. Italians also like some wine in the afternoons during work days. Another big plus with Krüde.

Why do businesses in USA continue to operate as status quo? Wages don’t match generational inflation. Benefits are mostly non existent. Capitalism is the main cause for the shit we swim in. Rich get richer. Poor get poorer. Krüde gets Krüder. Watching the country implode on a daily basis isn’t fun. And you wonder why I live the word hedonism as much as I can. Mahalo

Sick days ain’t personal days


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