To Drink or Not to Drink? - Neon Burst Grape Blowout

 Who doesn't enjoy a good blowout? After tackling the Neon Burst Punch Blast on our previous installment of "To Drink or Not to Drink?" it's time to crack open it's counterpart. 

Neon Burst Grape Blowout is on tap as we decide if it's "To Drink or Not to Drink?"

While the name "Grape Blowout" might not make the drink sound very appealing, it's a rare case where the taste is actually much better than the name. Coming in at 8% ABV. this is categorized as a "sparkling hard beverage" just like the Punch Blast. It's trying to find itself somewhere between the malt beverage and hard seltzer categories. The Grape Blowout has a distinct grape taste, but lacks the lingering aftertaste that the Punch Blast had, which is a good thing. You don't really taste the alcohol in this one, so it goes down pretty smooth. It's a good drink to crack open to get a steady buzz going before starting a long night of drinking, or just when you want one hard drink to get the job done.

Verdict: TO Drink!

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