Beer Of The Week - Boxer Premium Light

Think you can last 12 rounds? How about 36? Lace up your gloves and get in the ring with Boxer Premium Light as the beer of the week!

When you find a 36 pack of beer sitting in the cooler, you can't not buy it. That's the rule. I had only heard about Boxer beer in the past, and this was the first time I came across it in person. A few weeks ago I was out on one of my liquor store adventures when I walked in and saw this massive 36 pack. I went to the register and asked the clerk how much for the 36 pack of Boxer Light. I gave him a $20 and it was mine. I loaded it in the trunk and was on my way. 

According to the clerk at the liquor store, Boxer just recently made it's return to production. A product of Minhas Craft Brewery that's imported from Canada, Boxer Light comes in at 4% ABV. and 97 calories.

"Boxer Light Beer is made in small batches and is handcrafted using pure 2-row barley grown and malted in Biggar, Saskatchewan, premium hops from the Pacific NW, deep well water and our proprietary yeast. It is placed in cold storage (lagered) for a minimum of 35 days resulting in a clean, crisp, smooth tasting beer." -

Boxer Light is an enjoyable light beer. Goes down smooth and you can't beat the price. Perfect to crack open while sitting poolside. 

Stay tuned for this weeks upcoming edition of Bumming with Bobcat where we break down everything Boxer and lay down the challenge!

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