Indie Wrestling News Wire: Last week's match of the week, looking at the marquee matches for this weekend.

This is week's guide to the best matches on the indie scene is brought to you by Me. We don't have a sponsor. Fucking jerks.

Black Label Pro has two matches I will be watching, and you should too: Trish Adora takes on Kylie Rae while Calvin Tankman battles Chris Bey - I'm also interested in the WARHORSE/Daniels match in night one of Tyler's Day Off.

Part 2 of Tyler's Day Off has a pretty stacked card as well, with BLP champ PCO taking on Jake Something, Billie Starkz taking on Willow Nightngale, Violence Forever facing Kevin Blackwood and Tom Lawlor.

Any time Lawlor is on a card is a good time. Starkz is currently in my top five to watch, and PCO and Something should put on a banger of a match, as the kids say.

Tyler's Day Off airs on Sat (3PM CDT) and Sunday (7PM CDT).

Friday night Hoodslam returns to FiteTV. Suge D, Trish Adora & D. Rogue take on the team of Ashton Starr, Jay The Gawd & Brittany Wonder - with fan favorite Faye Jackson in their corner. If you've never watched a Hoodslam show, you really should take one in. There's just a different feel to their shows, almost a Shakespearean play meets beatnik poetry reading played out inside a wrestling ring. Or maybe this edible I've consumed has taken hold of my typing fingers. Regardless, you will never go wrong watching a Trish Adora match; and with the cats inside the ring with her, it's going to be a fun match.

On Sunday Game Changer Wrestling continues to carve it's path through the United States with Cage of Survival and one match particular has my dick hard with the promise of some good ol' mother fucking violence: SGC takes on IRONBEAST. 

That match alone made me purchase the damn show.

These multiple show weekends are draining my fucking bank account, so if you wanna sponsor this column, DM on twitter, for reals. 

Last weeks match of the week for me was simple: Manders and SLADE went to fucking war in their "Anything Goes Match", and if you haven't seen that match, you need to. That whole Limiteless Wrestling show was fucking great, with Rip Byson outdueling MEGAHEEL Rickey Shane Page (making his Limitless debut), and Jake Something and BEEF bringing that Big Boi Banger (Trademark pending). 

What was your favorite match of last weekend? What matches are you looking most forward to this weekend?

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