Bum Wine Of The Week - Wild Irish Rose Wild Green Apple

Who ever said you can't have TWO bum wines of the week within the same week? NO ONE! You don't need that type of negativity in your life!

Bum Wine Bob is back and bringing you the second part of our Double Play Wild Irish Rose Wednesday, with the Wild Irish Rose Wild Green Apple as your second bumwinebob.com bum wine of the week! We recently covered the Wild Irish Rose Wild Grape here.

Exactly how old is this bottle? We don't know, but Roadhouse had to search way down on the bottom shelf for this one. The label is barely attached, and the back label is missing. Just by looking at the label and logo on the bottle you can tell it's an old design compared to the recent Wild Grape and Red labels.

The Wild Green Apple is an overall enjoyable bum wine coming in at 18% ABV, so you are sitting close to Cisco levels. This is something that I had always wanted to get my hands on ever since buying the Wild Irish Rose sign below off eBay years ago. Another bum wine to cross off the list! Tune in to Bumming with Bobcat for the full review!

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What's better than one bottle of Wild Irish Rose? TWO! We are taking a trip with Wild Irish Rose Wild Grape and Wild Irish Rose Wild Green Apple on Bumming with Bobcat! How wild will they get? What's the verdict? Tune in and find out! Cheers!

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  1. Holy shit! Did you record this on tin foil while you had a metal bucket over your head while talking thorough a 60 year old Colt 45 can with a string taped to the back of it?

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