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Under The Influencer

Krüde likes to think of himself as a kind, generous, egomaniacal dude. I never think the words I write or videos I film will have any kind of impact on the general public. I just do my thing. From the heart. And crotch.

Most of those who are considered an ‘influencer’ on current social media are complete zeroes in my book. I often navigate through You Tube to see what videos are popular on any given day. And what I see is pure, sub mediocre drivel made by attention hounds who pretty themselves up and speak like a fourth grader. These hacks have millions of followers. And get millions of hits to their channel. Why? I ask. I don’t know why. Junk is junk.

These popular influencers of social media do have something that draws an audience. They are making $$$ as well. But who exactly looks forward to watching some dolled up bimbo making snarky comments about other videos? Or some hippy looking Gen Z stoner talking about some shitty pop music album that has just been released. These influencers are forming opinions that millions of minions gladly absorb on a daily basis. Makes me sick knowing this.

My Krüde Tube videos are not meant for mass consumption. Though with my scant 250 or so followers, I often get thousands of views on my NFL videos. And dozens of views on my music related videos. Strange algorithms indeed. I don’t care. But in no way would I deliberately make a stupid video just for popularity. I am Krüde. And that’s what you get. Mahalo

Radio stars > Video stars




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