Whiskey Talk - Making Oreo Cookie flavored whiskey.

Clearly the main attraction of bWb is booze. Sure, Krude talks conspiracy, music and how to live the cool life, while I write about sports and wrestling - Bob has devoted his life to the bumwine scene. 

But there's another drink out there that we should focus on for a second: Whiskey. My penchant for drinking large amounts of booze prevents me from partaking in whiskey to often; my liver appreciates this. 

However, I do enjoy a couple jack n' cokes from time to time, with ice. I know, the ice thing annoys some whiskey drinkers. Sort of like pineapple and pizza, although we can agree if you eat pineapple on pizza you're taste is shit and we don't acknowledge your opinion.

That being said, I don't know a lot about whiskey. I know it fucks ya up and there's hundreds of brands. So it's a daunting venture when trying to learn about it.

And that's where Whiskey Tribe comes in. I watch a LOT of youtube. In fact, I watch more Youtube than I do network or cable TV. One of the channels I found is called The Whiskey Tribe; basically it's hosted by two dudes and this lovely Irish (I think she's Irish. She has an accent, aren't all accents Irish?) who create these really cool, often times funny videos where they dissect cocktail trends, create new flavors of whiskey and make the Irish girl bartend ... you gotta see those videos. Extremely funny.

I kind of look at Rex Williams and Daniel Whittington as the Rhett & Link of booze - and there ain't a damn thing wrong with that!

I stumbled upon an amazing episode of "Will it Distill," today, they created a whiskey using Oreo Cookies.

Ya'll gotta give this a watch.

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