Join the 2022 BWB NFL Pick'Em League

It's that time of year once again! The bWb NFL pick'em league is BACK for 2022! Sign up and join the fun! As always, first place will take home some bWb swag and other special prizes!

GROUP ID# 6545

Password: bumwine2022

The winner will take home the prize pack below courtesy of Bum Wine Bob and Four Loko!

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Reverend Bum Wine Bob is getting ready for the 2022 NFL season as Kapn Krude makes his return to the podcast! We breakdown all 32 NFL teams while Roadhouse sips along with his 40 of King Cobra! Beer, bourbon, bum wine, and MORE! Tune in! 🍻

Listen to "BWB 2022 NFL Season Preview" on Spreaker.

It's always a great time for a banquet, so why don't we have more? Eric Borden brings along the 211 as he joins Bumming with Bobcat! Egg salad sandwiches, the gateway drug of IPA's, screenwriting, comics, betting on yourself, and much MORE!🍻

Listen to "Bumming with Eric Borden" on Spreaker.

The recently vasectomized Matt Slayer returns to Bumming with Bobcat! Does anyone urinate during the show? We discuss sealing the deal, post vasectomy life, raw dogging, poor life choices, White Castle, and much MORE! Come see the sign!🍻

Listen to "I Saw the Sign with Matt Slayer" on Spreaker.

Reverend Bum Wine Bob is BACK and Bumming with BoozeQuest! 10% Four Loko, Boones Farm Sidewalk Slam, JOOSE Black Berry, MD 20/20 Golden Concoction, working in the wrestling biz, the final WCW Monday Nitro, and MORE! Check it out! 🍻

Listen to "Bumming with BoozeQuest" on Spreaker.

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