Let's talk about that swanton ...


Let's talk about that swanton.

Over the course of the weekend, if you follow what I like to call the Toxic Wrestling Community, you may have heard or even seen gifs of Billie Starkz doing a swanton off the top rope onto a chair that had no chance of survival, allowing Starkz to crash on to the arena floor.

Was it a wise idea? I don't know. I'm not a trained professional wrestler like Billie - so you know what I said about the move?

Not a fucking thing. I kept my mouth shut and I watched her wrestle the rest of the match. And let me tell you something right now. The story she told inside that ring after the leap may not have been all story, but she told it anyways.

The next day she had one of the matches of the weekend if not THE MATCH of the weekend against Masha Slamovich. With a grimace on her face the story of the underdog Starkz now saddled with what could be a broken fucking back, made that match, already a very important match to her to begin with, that much more compelling in nature.

For the longest time I've heard people new to Indie wrestling moan and groan on about the lack of storytelling in Indie Wrestling and I scoff at that. Sure, you have to pay a little more attention, you might have to watch a few different promotions and see a few different shows, to get the whole story - but they are there.

Now I don't know if that was Starkz idea - to create that extra bit of storyline when she went for the swanton; but if it is, fucking genius. That's creativity far surpassing her years and gives us a real glimpse of what the future holds for this kid.

Now, if it wasn't and it was just a really crazy fucking move, good on her. Yeah, it was dangerous. Dangerous things happen every weekend in venues throughout the United States every weekend - I wonder, is it because Starkz is a female? Is that the reason for the outcry? 

All I see in her is passion for the business. I've never seen her half ass it out there, because she's got a dream, she's got a desire. Let her live her dream the way she wants to. 

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