Let's talk about Mance Warner.


I don't give a shit about the casual fan.

I don't give a shit about ratings.

Hell, could care less how long a motherfucker's contract is to be honest.

Wanna know what I care about when I turn the boob tube on to watch some motherfucking pro wrestling? Well, I care about how much beer is in the fridge and the matches on the tv.

Mance Warner debuting on AEW TV this weekend was fucking awesome. Dude is a workhorse and looked like a million bucks with AEW World champ Jon Moxley. He looked like he belonged underneath those big lights of a national promotion.

But let me call bullshit where bullshit be: Those of you tuning into AEW knew who Mancer was - so why this fucking bullshit narrative that you didn't know and need your fucking handheld and told about him a thing? AEW has brought up indie star after indie star the same way.

At the very essence of AEW's soul is Indie Wrestling - the company wouldn't exist without it. It was the indie guys that paved the early days of AEW with the help of Chris Jericho. So if you're going to try to sell me on this idea that no one knew who Mancer was, Saturday night, fuck you.

You knew who Danhausen was. You knew who Warhorse was. And you damn well knew who Mancer was.

I would venture to say a lot of AEW fans belong to Conrad Thompson's AdFree network where ol' Mancer has a podcast (or at least did). 

So, what is the reason for this make-believe anger? The fake anger has to be coming from the WWE drones who don't even watch the show.

Toxic Wrestling Twitter likes to create these false narratives, but the truth sneaks out in the numbers that some of you hold so dear to your fake war: AEW is struggling to bring in the "casual" viewer - so why not give your fan base what they want? 

AEW's survival isn't based on the presipice of creating new fans right now. It can be a slow churn - what they need to do is keep their loyal fans happy. Keep giving them what they have been from the start.

And it'd be cool if Tony Khan could keep my fridge stocked with beer.

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