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Your ever handsome and sweet blog host Krüde has a keen sense of seeing things for what they are. And not what I want them to be. I’m a realist. With a wicked sense of humor. Hence, you get the Krüde Experience blog. But something has been brewing in the Krüde kranium for a while. It has to do with winning and losing. And how that competitive mentality is ruining our very being.

Winning isn’t everything. Winning is a mentality. If you go into competition thinking “I can win”, then you’ve already won (regardless of outcome). Winning a game is always fun. Losing isn’t the end of the world. Buffalo Bills lost 4 straight Super Bowl games in the 1990s. They always showed up the next season to play. I usually play a game to win. But I don’t cry if I lose. Crying is for losers that lose. Games are games. Life is way bigger than any game.

Team colors and logos have become the battle lines between the warring factions. Wear Cowboys blue in a New Jersey bar near Giants Stadium and pay the hefty price. Mockery, ridicule, ’mom’ jokes etc…. Sick shit happens when pro sports teams fans get heated.

I wear my favorite Raiders swag all the time. The silver and black of the Raiders is a Krüde fashion staple. Doesn’t mean I take on a new persona. Or makes me want to start a fight with a Chiefs fan. Just means I like the style and the MO of the team. No more no less.

Some co-workers of mine are huge European soccer fans. They often have matches streaming on their desktop monitors during work hours. When I hear a depressing grunt, I know the ‘other’ team has scored. And when the game is over, the usual complaints about bad refs, poor goal tending and psychotic people in crowd come to light. As if the world has ended at that moment. Just cuz their team lost. Boo hoo. It’s a game. With commercials. Get on with life…..

Winning and losing huge is a part of life. Losing is the heavy favorite of most. Surviving bad news builds character. Just keep rolling along. Tomorrow never knows ….

Vote For Pedro!


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