Bumming with Eric Borden

It's always the perfect time for a banquet, so why don't we have more? Eric Borden brings along the 211 for some extra fun as he joins Bumming with Bobcat!

Eric is the writer of screenplays & comics. Lead City from RED 5, Scrimshaw, WinterSpring, Fever. He's just a man in search of the perfect egg salad sandwich.

What's on tap?

Egg salad sandwiches
Why we should have more 211 banquets
The gateway drug of IPA's
Higher the ABV, higher the trouble
Going back and embracing your roots
Rolling that buzz on a good night
Working in Las Vegas and writing
Moving into screenwriting
Writing comics and betting on yourself
The introduction of Lead City and MORE

"I love telling stories. And yeah, I prefer horror and drama, but really I just want to share something that holds an edge…that gets you in the guts…that maybe gives you a new perspective on something, or gives you something new and maybe even…uncomfortable, to think about. I am Eric Borden, and I tell stories…" https://ericborden.com

Twitter @hundredproofeb

It took me so long to post this episode, that the Lead City 3&4 Kickstarter goal has been reached and it's finished. You can still check it out here: https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/ericborden/lead-city-3-and-4

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