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Deca Dance

Sometimes things just creep up on ol’ Krüde. I just remembered that I came up with this alter ego way back in 2012. You remember the year. The one when the world was supposed end. Well, that obviously wasn’t the case. My cock still gets hard (naturally). And my ex wife is still a freeloading piece of shit. Human life still exists. I know this for a fact. Keith Richards favorited a tweet a responded to. And if he is still alive…..

10 years of being Kapn Krüde. Wow. I’ve never been part of anything that long. Being Krüde is not a stretch for me. It’s me, just amped up to the max. Normally I’m a quiet, respectful dude who loves to read books and take photos. Kapn Krüde reads Hustler magazine and supplies his women with a plethora of lube choices. And drinks alcohol with zeal. Throw in some pain pills and cash gained from gambling and Krüde comes alive!

It was an ex girlfriend of mine who described me as being crudeback in 2012. We had been in Atlantic City for a few days and I scored $1200 on a slot machine. I gave her some scratch and then spent the winnings on a pricey dinner and some lingerie for her. And lube. That’s when she told me that I was a “crude motherfucker”. So I said “that’s Captain Crude to you “. So that’s how my alter ego was created. I just refined the name to be a bit more cartoony. Hence forth to the world: Kapn Krüde. Motherfucker

Writing (or reading) a blog written in the third person isn’t for everybody. Maybe literary legends like Benjamin Franklin or E. Jean Carroll would be welcoming to this style. I just hope I’ve entertained more than a few people over the years. Reading is becoming a thing of the past. Most people (born after 1985) prefer watching a video to reading the Penthouse Forum. Times they are a changing. But me being Krüde will not. Mahalo








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