Chopping it up with Vic Ferrari

What do you know about the inner workings of the NYPD’s Auto Crime Division and stolen car industry? This week we take a deep dive as we chop it up with retired NYPD detective turned author, Vic Ferrari on Bumming with Bobcat!

What's on tap?
Genesee Cream Ale and a Black Russian Hybrid
Hard times with vodka
Hitting the streets and working for the NYPD
Getting into writing and telling stories
Gator wrestling in Florida
The book publishing process
Storytelling and getting in trouble
Why you shouldn't hide your gun in the oven
Dealing with the drunks
The auto theft industry and car chases
Recovering Mike Tyson's stolen motorcycle
A heartwarming story of a dog recovery
Working up the ranks in the NYPD
New books in the works and much MORE

Where can you find Vic?
Author Vic Ferrari is a retired New York City Police Department detective with the hamstrings of a twenty-year-old. A survivor of an Irish father and Italian mother, Vic loves a cold beer and insists on you removing your shoes when entering his home. When he's not writing, he's picking up after his neurotic Irish Wolfhound. Always looking to save a buck, Vic splits his time between Branson, Missouri, and Papua New Guinea.

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