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General TSO to Go!

Live music is where your old buddy Krüde gets his social setting kicks. Throw in my hot assed chick and a snazzy stage show to the gig and I’m good and extra groovy. I haven’t changed one bit since 9/19/1983. That’s the date of my first concert experience: Rush at Radio City Music Hall. Still have the shirt I bought that night. Ticket was a then whopping $17.50. Forward to the now and add $100 to each ticket (plus $20 to park, $12 a beer) and Krüde finds himself at a Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas themed metal music show. Pass the eggnog (with extra rum). Please

Trans-Siberian Orchestra is an off shoot of a 1980s metal band called Savatage. The main players of that band and their producer Paul O’Neill created TSO the 1990s after Savatage had essentially run it’s course. Savatage was never really very popular back then. The only time I saw them play live was at a Dio show in 1987. And they were third on the bill. Then somebody in the Savatage camp got the bright idea to play Xmas music mixed with a seasonal story and a elaborate stage show to play at hockey arenas. And it worked!

TSO shows are like seeing every 1980s arena rock show extravaganza all in one place. I will break this down for you:

Varilites- used and perfected by Genesis in the 80s. A multi directional light effect

Lasers-  Led Zeppelin or Blue Oyster Cult first used laser effects starting in the 1970s

Hydraulic lifts-  first used by KISS in 1977. Their iconic Alive 2 gatefold shows this effect

Catwalk scaffolding -  Bon Jovi used this ceiling mounted rig to get closer to all fans in the building in 1989

Second stage at rear of floor-  Lots of bands use a second stage to get closer to cheap seat occupants

Pyro – many a band uses pyro. KISS definitely inspired TSO

Snow- yes. Snow. Band Cinderella used this effect on their 1988 tour

Suffice to say that I have seen other bands use these special effects over the decades. But never all in one show. TSO plays to packed houses for a reason: true bang for your buck

The show itself is holiday season themed. The songs played are mostly traditional Xmas tunes and a few newer numbers. All played and sung by top notch musicians and singers. Savatage songs were also played (crowd was mostly subdued for these). Two hours of holiday cheer, excellent musicianship and spectacular stage show. Krüde approved entertainment for the entire family. Even grizzled concert vets like myself can find immense joy in this kind musical celebration

The holiday season is in full swing. TSO is playing everywhere. Buy a ticket. Take the ride. You will love it. Trust me. Cheers!

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