Have Yourself a PILEDRIVER Christmas with The Wrestling Album II

Why have yourself a Merry Christmas, when you can have a PILEDRIVER Christmas!?! Have you ever dreamed of an alternate universe where Hulk Hogan sings "Crank it up"? Piledrive your way into Christmas as Jesse Krakow returns to Bumming with Bobcat to break down PILEDRIVER: The Wrestling Album II and celebrate 35 years of all it's glory!

Piledriver: The Wrestling Album II
Soundtrack album by World Wrestling Federation
Released September 21, 1987
Track Listing
Robbie Dupree & Strike Force – "Girls in Cars" – 3:34
Koko B. Ware – "Piledriver" – 2:55
The Honky Tonk Man – "Honky Tonk Man" – 2:09
Derringer – "Demolition" – 3:14
Slick – "Jive Soul Bro" – 3:35
Jimmy Hart – "Crank It Up" – 2:42
Hillbilly Jim & Gertrude – "Waking Up Alone" – 2:59
Vince McMahon – "Stand Back" – 3:02
"Mean" Gene Okerlund & Derringer – "Rock and Roll, Hoochie Koo" – 3:40
The WWF Superstars – "If You Only Knew" – 3:18

What's on tap?
Schlitz Malt Liquor
The 1987 Slammy Awards
Comparing The Wrestling Album I and II
The perfect PILEDRIVER track listing
What does Slick do for a living?
Hulk Hogan on lead vocals of Crank it up
Where could you fit Bobby Heenan into the album
Giving the nod to sequels
A track-by-track album breakdown and much MORE

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