Malt Liquor Of The Week - Jaguar High Gravity Lager

Malt liquor reigns supreme once again with Olde English 800 taking home the 2023 battle of the booze championship, but the party hasn't stopped yet! If you tuned into the 2023 BWB BOTB recap podcast, you know that Roadhouse and Bum Wine Bob cracked open a special treat during the celebration as well! 

On tap we have Jaguar High Gravity Lager as the malt liquor of the week! The JAGUAR is coming in at 8.3% ABV. and is a product of Mountain Crest SRL LLC Monroe, WI. Wait a second, Monroe Wisconsin? Yes, the Minhas Craft Brewery strikes again under a different name! The Jaguar has a bit of a sweet taste to it, and is lacking the usual high gravity aftertaste. An overall enjoyable malt liquor that will hit the spot and give you the buzz you need.

Come for the BWB Battle Of The Booze Tournament Recap, and stick around for a ride in the JAGUAR! Tune in and hear all about our thoughts on the JAGUAR! Pick your poison. Olde English 800? Four Loko USA? Jaguar High Gravity Lager? We have you covered!

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The champ is HERE! It was a close race between Olde English 800 and Four Loko USA, but the results ARE IN! Olde English 800 Malt Liquor is 2023 BWB Battle Of The Booze Champion! Crack open a cold one and tune in as we break it down! Cheers!

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