Four Loko Fall Foliage

Happy Four Loko Fall! We are celebrating the Autumn Equinox as we get a running start to Four Loko October on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! Joining us on the podcast this week is Four Loko sponsored tattoo artist, Kevin The Poker! What colors will we be seeing by the end of the episode? Tune in to find out!

What's on tap?
Four Loko slacking on their sponsorships
12% Four Loko is no joke
Do NOT shotgun a Four Loko..or do it
Four Loko RED
Four Loko Finder saves the day
The 14% to 13.9% switch
Hitting that 6th LOKO
Cooking with Four Loko
Fall Beer Season!
3 Four Loko's in one sitting?
NASCAR and Four Loko
15% FIFTH Loko
BWB Atlantic City Bash Part 2?
Tattooing a Power Ranger
Roadhouse throws down the challenge to Mike Tyson
The Premier Streaming Network Wrestling Showcase
Yuengling Octoberfest and Hershey's Porter
Happy Dragon Tattoo - Check Kevin out!
Two Guys One Inch Podcast and much MORE!

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