Malt Beverage Of The Week - Four Loko Fruit Punch

It's last call for summer, so pick up a can of Four Loko Fruit Punch as the malt beverage of the week and hop in the pool while you still can!

With the start of Four Loko Fall only days away, I had to crack open a can of Four Loko Fruit Punch to celebrate Sara St. Clair's recent appearance on the podcast. If you check out the podcast clip below, I was skeptical when Sara said the flavor wasn't bad after she gave it a shot, and she's not wrong. The Fruit Punch Four Loko has a surprisingly smooth fruit punch flavor that blends well. This is another one of the OG Four Loko flavors that doesn't get much love these days, but is always out there sitting on the shelves in most stores. 

After trying out the Peach Four Loko a few weeks ago when Linzee Ryder joined the podcast, the Fruit Punch Four Loko is no slouch either. Honestly, I've always stayed away from the OG Four Loko's due to their lower 12% ABV and basic flavors, but both of these are solid offerings. LOKO USA and Loko Warheads might get the most play these days, but you can't go wrong with any of the four flavors below as we get ready for Four Loko Fall!

Check out the clip below from the podcast as Sara St. Clair gives us her thoughts on Four Loko Fruit Punch after getting LOKO!

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It's last call for summer, but there’s still time to get LOKO! What did Sara St. Clair think of Four Loko fruit punch? Sara gives us a sneak peek of her new book, Romance Costs Extra! Available NOW! We cover that and MORE! Tell your friends to check us out, grab a drink, and give the podcast a listen. Press the play button below to tune in on Premier Podcast Network! Cheers!

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