I watched Powerrr for the first time in a LONG time.


"A new era,"?

I've been very vocal about the reasons I stopped covering or even watching the National Wrestling Alliance's "Powerrr." Now that the main reason is gone, I'll return to see where the NWA is evolving... if it is.

I still think they should bring back the Dokken opening.

The big news coming out of NWA 75 was both world titles changing hands, with Kenzie Paige defeating Kamille and EC3 beating Tyrus.

Taylor Rising steps into the ring for Max The Impaler's first NWA Women's TV championship. I believe the first time I watched Rising was at Paradigm Pro. Max has been around for a few years, handing out defeats wherever they roam.

It's a traditional six-minute time limit title defense on TV. As good as Rising has been in the past, the time limit could be sixty minutes, and I doubt she'd be able to defeat Max. That's not a judgment on Taylor; Rising has a really bright future ahead. I just don't think anyone can beat Max right now.

Natalia Markova made her presence known at the end of the match, saving Rising from some extra punishment after the bell.

The match was fine. Your typical giant destroying opponent match. Rising holds your attention even when the result is a no-brainer. A $6 match.

NOTE: The first time I watched Rising was at Black Label Pro's "Tyler's Day Off."

The Aaron Stevens & Blunt Force Trauma interview is up next. Stevens is a really good promo - BFT seems to be a modern-day version of the early masked edition of Doom. The crowd definitely dislikes the group, very vocal boos.

Kratos and tag partner Odinson are up next, taking on The Outrunners, Truth Magnum & Turbo Floyd. I'm not familiar with The Outrunners. Odinson and Kratos dominate most of the match with mostly power moves; The Outrunners just aren't enough to slow down the Immortals. Another decent match, nothing blatantly horrible, but nothing that made me desire a rematch. Another $6 match.

ZICKY DICE IS BACK IN THE NWA? That's really good to see - I feel like there was controversy during his departure, with Nick Aldis holding him back. Really good to see Dice back. Also, I didn't realize Sam Leterna was working for the NWA.

How many promotions is she the lead interviewer in? NWA, MLW ... Good for her.

Interview with Kenzie Paige and Pretty Empowered. Fantastic pick to put the strap on Kenzie. The term "wrestling protege" is thrown around a lot, but Kenzie is very much a prodigy. I dig Pretty Empowered, but I NEED THE HEX BACK IN THE NWA.

Next match is Brady Pierce versus Rolando Freeman. Perez caught my eye in New South Pro Wrestling (Kenzie Paige and Pretty Empowered's home promotion as well) ... a small guy with a dynamite attitude, very much reminded me of 80's television acts. Looking back at old New South columns, I was in love with Freeman's hair... to be fair, it's really nice.

Pierce didn't give a shit about Freeman's hair or their former partnership, using his size to his advantage in victory.

A pretty fun match - I'll give it $7.

Leterna is back with Koa Laxamana & Kallies Malia. I have never heard of either, but can I be that guy and state, Kallies is... wow, stunning. Interested in seeing what these two provide. Koa was very well spoken. Both are new to me.

EC3's interview is up next - I used this time to take a piss and grab a beer. Hey, I'm just being honest.

The Fixers, LLC (Jay Bradley, Matt Vine & Wrecking Ball Legursky) & The Southern Six (Alex Taylor, Kerry Morton & Silas Mason) are up next. I'm not gonna lie; Southern 6 is my kinda vibe, but how can you hate on Wrecking Ball Legursky? Really cool to see Kerry Morton in a ring. I've seen him a few times. Silas Mason, if you like big beefy boys, he's your guy. A big dude with some speed and agility. And a killer mullet.

There's a lot of action in this six-man match - really great efforts on all fronts; I'll say this, this first episode in the "New Era" of the NWA has been entertaining. Not overly saturated with angles, just the right mix of talk and action.

The more this match goes on, the more I think Silas is a guy I could get behind for an NWA world title chase and catch - Southern 6 takes the match, in a really fun match, that I'd say was an $8 match.

Total Earnings: $27

Fun show - I will watch the next episode.


  1. I thought it was a decent show. Sam was stepping in for May Valentine who has been Powerrr's backstage host for the last few years. It's good to see people checking the show out who have been away though :)

    1. I was wondering where May was - thanks for the update!

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