Malt Beverage Of The Week - Four Loko Peach

Four Loko Fall might be around the corner, but we are keeping the summer alive with Four Loko Peach as the malt beverage of the week! The wonderful Linzee Ryder brought along a can of Four Loko Peach to try out for the first time on Bumming with Bobcat, so I felt the need to crack one open myself to see how this OG flavor holds up.

 Honestly, I can't remember the last time I had a Peach Four Loko, if ever. With all the Four Loko varieties available, peach is never one that jumps off the shelves at people. This wasn't even the first LOKO choice for Linzee, as she ordered a Strawberry Lemonade Four Loko from Uber Eats, but it was a Peach Four Loko that showed up at her door. Peach Four Loko comes in at 12% ALC/VOL, so from the start it's at a disadvantage due to the lower ABV compared to the formally 14% or now 13.9% varieties that have an extra buzz to them.

Check out the clip below from the podcast as Linzee Ryder gives us her initial thoughts after trying Four Loko Peach for the first time!

Upon first taste, I was surprised with how smooth the Peach Four Loko is. As Roadhouse said on the podcast, you never know how things will turn out when it comes to a peach flavored beverage, but this one gets the job done. After a few sips you will feel that LOKO hit your veins and the buzz start kicking in. Peach is a very drinkable Four Loko flavor that I would consider a sleeper in the Four Loko Power Rankings. (COMING SOON!)

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Are you ready to get LOKO? Crack open your favorite flavor of Four Loko and join us as we get LOKO with Linzee Ryder on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! Linzee pops her Four Loko cherry with us as we go on a podcast adventure! Tell your friends to check us out, grab a drink, and give the podcast a listen. Press the play button below to tune in on Premier Podcast Network! Cheers!

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