Bumming with Jay and Kyle of "The Dead Rock Stars"

“We Died to Save Lives”

What if famous rock stars from the past, those who died young, in sudden and tragic ways, actually faked their deaths to become secret agents? Welcome to the world of The Dead Rock Stars, the heroes we never knew we had. 

Tune in as Jay and Kyle, authors of "The Dead Rock Stars" join this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! We crack open a few drinks as we discuss the new book, talk some old school wrestling, Schwarzenegger, Roadhouse even chimes in with some of his own story ideas, and much MORE!

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"The Dead Rock Stars gave up fame and fortune to serve as the unseen guardians of humanity, but a terrifying new enemy threatens the very fabric of life as we know it. It’s 1999, and tech genius Cole Denton has no time for partying like it. He’s asked to leave everything behind as he’s tossed into the secret world of John Lennon, Janis Joplin, Jimi Hendrix, Kurt Cobain, and the rest of the DRS to stop the Brotherhood and prevent the collapse of civilization. Can they beat the clock and save the world?"

Go check out Jay and Kyle and get a copy of their book right now on their website. You can also pick up their book in Barnes and Nobles and all online book sellers such as Amazon and Target.


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