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Gotta Be Free

Set my alarm for 5:25am on a Wintery Thursday morning. Had to be up early to do the usual
piss, shit, shower, shave routine before hitting the highway to fight the powers that be. Just
prior to the grooming ritual, Krüde looked down at his droid phone for weather and traffic
updates. Instead of getting a traffic update, a different headline popped up on the tiny
screen: Mojo Nixon Dead. What the holy fuck did I drink last night? This can’t be true.

Alas, it was true. He is a dead man. Shit. Double shit. I’m not drunk or stoned now. It is still
dark outside. And now I’m fully awake. I soldier on anyways, still in shock and disbelief, to
the commode to conduct business. Mojo is really gone. Triple shit

Mojo Nixon was a singer, songwriter, disc jockey, actor, podcaster and honorary captain of
the USA Luge Team of 1998 Olympics. A true American Renaissance man. His style and MO
was of being a very enthusiastic redneck with brains and humility. Some say he was overtly
comical. That is true. Comedy is often steeped in absolute truth. Some say he was a
modern day Woody Guthrie with weirder friends. That’s true as well..

I became aware of Mojo in 1987. A friend of mine had bought a cassette of Mojo’s album
with Skid Roper (Mojo’s original musical partner) called Bo Day Shus!!!. This album
contains a song called I Aint Gonna Piss In No Jar. I was instantly enamored with this
track. Other songs on the album include: Gin Guzzling Frenzy, Wash No Dishes No More
and the immortal Elvis is Everywhere. A classic album, in my sordid book. Songs that sang
about what is going on and done in a fun, entertaining way. I’m game. So I started following
Mojo on his musical journey from that point on

I wrote a blog on this website around 8 years ago about going to see Mojo perform in Texas
in which he would perform his final two shows EVER. This was in 2004. Fun trip I took with a
hot, wild chick while playing hooky from work. When I met Mojo before the first farewell
show in Houston, I told him how I had come from New Jersey to see these shows. He was
instantly impressed, motioned to the bartender at the club to set up some drinks for us. And
he toasted to the journey I had taken. Then he put on his usual fun, kick ass show. Prior to
doing shots with Mojo, the bartender Wetdawg (who owned the club and played piano in
Mojo’s band) bought me a shot. Good people. Fun times, to say the least

Tough to be sad today (two days after Mojo’s passing). Listening to his music and
remembering how much fun this man was made me happy again. Not many people on
Earth have the power to make others happy with their aura. Mojo Nixon was one of them to
me. Do yourself a favor and hunt down his music. Thank Krüde later. RIP Mojo Nixon.


Burn down the malls….

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