Malt Beverage Of The Week - Steel Reserve Spiked Cherry Slushie

Get your week started the right way and feel the STEEL with Steel Reserve Alloy Series Spiked Cherry Slushie as the BumWineBob.Com malt beverage of the week!

This flavor is a winner! Tastes just like a classic cherry slushie! 

Tune in to this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat below as I crack it open for a live review along with a special preview of the next Steel Reserve Alloy Series flavor that will be released soon! Check it out!

Check out the episode below for the FULL Steel Reserve Spiked Cherry Slushie review and SMASH that subscribe button!

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We are living on the Icehouse EDGE of 211! What's on tap this week? Icehouse EDGE, Icehouse 5.5%, Steel Reserve Spiked Cherry Slushie, and MORE! Tell your friends to check us out, grab a drink, and give the podcast a listen. Just press that play button on Premier Podcast Network! Cheers!

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