The Camo xxXxx Files Part 1: Camo Black Ice

The truth is out there! This episode of Bumming with Bobcat has been years in the making, and it's so BIG that we have to split this series into two parts! 

The CAMO xxXxx Files are HERE! 

A special delivery has arrived to the BWB studios from Portland, Oregon! Good friend of the show and manager of Desire Gentlemen’s Club, Mason was nice enough to send over some cans of CAMO for Bum Wine Bob and Roadhouse to enjoy for the first time! 

What's on tap? Part 1 featuring the Camo Black Ice is up to bat this week, and part 2 featuring the Camo Black Extra will be on deck in the coming weeks! As much as we wanted to crack open both cans of CAMO during the same sitting, we used better judgement to split them into two different podcasts.

Is CAMO High Gravity Lager Beer really as bad as the reviews say? Tune in to find out! Watch the FULL VIDEO episode below on YouTube and SMASH that subscribe button!

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