The Week in Bum Wine 4/20 - 4/26

Hello fellow bum wine fans and Happy Sunday to all of you! Sadly tomorrow is Monday and we have to fight our way through another week until we can get to Friday. Make sure that you get pick up an ice cold 40 this week and are prepared for 40 Friday!

Classic Malt Liquor!
We already have Cisco Sunday, MD 20/20 Monday, Night Train Tuesday, Wild Irish Rose Wednesday, Thunderbird Thursday, and now 40 Friday! The only day of the week missing is Saturday, which I will leave as a readers choice night where you can pick your favorite beverage of the bunch and enjoy!

Keep spreading the good word and let's keep promoting to the masses! Without further adieu here are the top bum wine tweets of the week for the week of 4/20 to 4/26.

They still make MD 20/20!! $3.99!! LOL

Oh hell hello mad dog 20 20

Bum wine is efficient.

MD 20/20, for the hoodrat inside of the sixteen-year-old inside of us all

Why does my cheap Thunderbird wine gave strings attached?

Found a birthday present for .

They say all dogs go to heaven, hopefully that includes Dogfish Head & Mad Dog 20/20

Drank a WHOLE bottle of MD 20/20 in 20 mins lastnight .

Heather, Meet RT : I need booze.

use to pour Mad Dog 20/20 in mom's old Pinot Noir bottles and serve it to the honeys. the hood started calling me Jesus lol

Sitting in the bank parking lot drinking MD 20/20 because

MD 20/20 and Cisco are the most disgusting drinks ever but everyone should try them at least once haha

"i can't pull a rabbit out of a hat, but i can pull a mad dog outta my purse - Mad Dog 20/20!".. - LOL! This woman on is hilarious!

I got a bottle of Boone's Farm and half bottle of Mad Dog 20/

Gas station wine mixed with mountain dew. The original 4Loko.

The day I get a weekend off I'm going right to the store and buy me a bottle of MD 20/20

Hittin the Wild Irish Rose tonight

This restaurant that Will and I are at has MD 20/20

I told my daddy get me some MD 20|20 . . he said , " that cheap shit " lol

have you ever seen the new "shatterproof" plastic 40s of steel reserve? It makes that shit taste better lol.

This shit was playing first time I got faded on the twump twump..threw up everywhere and continued lol cc:

Kiwi MD 20/20 and her best friend RT Who helped you through your first heartbreak? For me it was my best friends

Ok time to start a bum wine bender!

God can turn water into wine, but only Mad Dog 20/20 grade.

I have no . Only fancy wine!

You know it's gonna be a good weekend when your toasting at the back of a bus with 2 bottles of mad dog 20/20

Aint a party in the south until I buy my first bottle of mad dog 20/20 at a gas station.

Wow this guy is dope. I fux with your lifestyle man

Do they still make mad dog 20/20? Because I'm not sure I wanna live any longer and that's the most affordable option

I got a tweet favorited by today. They should notice yours too.

Night Train Express el nombre del vino del cual los Guns N' Roses se inspiraron para titular el clásico "Nightrain"

You not a real drinker if you never fucked with Cisco, Night Train, MD 20/20, or any of the bottom shelf bum wines. Gotta earn your stripes.

I don't care what HR thinks, MD 20 20 is a fucking juice. You want me to get scurvy at work?

The best cheap wine is Night Train. Way better than Wild Irish Rose.

Your tweets are hilarious. See pic.. what will do

If we were all named after our true fathers and mothers, we'd all have names like "Mad Dog 20/20", "2$ Wells", and "Ladies Night"...

FUCK YEAH favorited one of my tweets...twump twump till I die

- hearing that wine cooler cocktails are the new spring/summer trend - have any recommendations or recipes?

this picture of orange mad dog 20/20 looks like what throwing up feels like

You know you have a drinking problem when you tell someone I'm dehydrated can you pass me that MD 20/20.

This would not be a good time for me to hit this MD 20/20

yoooo pretty turnt off this wine stuff. omg its gross but it does indeed yes indeed it does indeed turn you up

Throwback to the time I made Jessica have a party and people took body shots off of her with MD 20/20 

Oh, thank God, the Bum Wine Twitter account favorited my tweet about MD 20/20. Killing it!

If your version of and is md 20/20 and you might be

just so you know when I type your name 'bum wine' pops up. Perfect.

no doubt. Can't go wrong with Black Champagne either

If I had $1 for every morning I woke up saying "thank you MD 20/20 for not leaving me deathly ill", I would have like zero dollars.

I give the best advice when I'm drunk on Mad Dog 20 20. Figure fortified wines gotta have vitamins, no? Fortified?

it's gonna have to be something cheap ! Mad Dog 20/20 for EVERYONE !!!!!

Okay, what is "Bum Wine"? It's just a bottle of Mad Dog ffs

we certainly will you can't beat Mad Dog 20/20!

AH! Pleased to meet a Fellow Connnoisseur! May I Interest you and Piclles in some Wine Fests?

we got a favourite on our wine tweet from Bum Wine New Jersey,

I was going through my old fb photos and stumbled upon a pic of our mad dog 20/20 days

Chugging a whole MD 20/20 on the way to ruin someone else's hotel room.

Nicknamed “Mad Dog 20/20,” this is the quintessential “bum wine,” said to be as “majestic as the cascading waters of drain pipe".

Kick it with a Night Mist & a Swisher Sweets. Stayin' classy in the Barrio!

You know if you were willing, there's people who make their own wine organically - and i tell you, its so cheap, it priceless!

Is MD 20/20 considered cheap booze?

no we chug a bottle of md2020 n smash it n sombodys face or throw it at a copcar that's how we do it.

Buckfast is not a bum wine, but rather the nectar of the gods.

I get followed by odd ones on Twitter... recently a BBQ sauce company and a "bum wine connoisseur". I must be special *_*

Thunderbird: aroma: lemony with a hint of grape. Swig: barely a taste. Finish: like vodka with some citrus fruit, rating ★★★★

Not everyone can turn water to wine but lots of people can turn MD 20/20 into vomit.

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