The Krude Experience - 6/1/15

Drinking On The Job

There is nothing like getting paid while getting loaded at the same time. It's downright patriotic,if you really think about it. A drunk man tells the truth. I bet Abraham Lincoln had a few belts of booze before getting down to serious American business.Richard Nixon. That's another story.

Before switching jobs this past new year,I was guilty of drinking on the job on most Saturdays. I managed a kitchen showroom alone. The owners of the company were too cheap to hire anybody else. So I was left alone to handle every task. Drinking was a necessity there. If I didn't, I might've gone truly insane. It was like solitary confinement.

Yet,on some Saturdays,people would actually come into the showroom off the street. So I had to time my drinking ways perfectly. I would keep Thunderbird in the office fridge. It also helped to have a liquor store less than 100 feet away from the showroom.

A few years back,I was working with a friend of mine at a shady construction company. We both knew we were working for pure crooks. But we also knew that working for crooks could have its advantages. Like drinking on the job.

One morning at the company office,my friend (who was hungover) decided to bring a pair of tall boy Coors Light cans with him for a meeting with the shady owners. We sat down in the office at 7:30am,and he proceeded to crack open a coldie - right in front of the boss. The boss looked at him drinking,smiled,and kept talking his shit. He finished the beer. Then left. Never a word spoken about the booze. Beer for breakfast-while on the time clock. Score one for the good guys.

A few more years ago,i worked with a guy who was a Vietnam War vet. He was also a hardcore alcoholic. He would have to drink at least 12oz of vodka to cure himself of the shakes,so he could work properly. And he was a great worker. If he didn't drink,he was a useless mess. He ended up getting fired for his drinking. I was,and still am, bummed about that.

Working is stress. Booze chills stress. Why wait until after work to hit the hooch? A LOT of people in the workforce are strung out on caffeine,nicotine,and prescription anti depressants.With that in mind,why does alcohol get such a bad rap at the workplace? I cry bullshit and hypocrisy. Stand up for your beloved alcohol. Honest Abe would see the truth in all this.

And where has my drinking on the job landed me? I now work for a well established construction company in Manhattan. It's all about the hustle. And producing while working. I haven't had to drink on the job lately,but one never knows.....

Keep 'Em Cold and Handy


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