Tall Boy Thursday - NFL Super Bowl LIII - Milwaukee's Best Ice

Super Bowl LIII is upon us, so that means we have reached the end of our Tall Boy Thursday features for the 2018 NFL season.

It's been quite a ride all season long, and while we have enjoyed many fine beverages, we are going out with a bang this week as we bring along twice the tall boy, with BOTH a 24oz and 32oz can of Milwaukee's Best Ice for the final installment of Tall Boy Thursday!

My Super Bowl LIII prediction: 
Rams 31 - Patriots 28

Crack open the BEAST and check out all the classic Tall Boy Thursday installments in the archives!

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Super Bowl - Milwaukee's Best Ice

Congratulations to Mick Dorris from IWS Radio for winning the 2018 BWB NFL Pick'em league!

Check out the final standings and we will see everyone next season!

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The annual BWB Super Bowl Preview podcast is coming your way this weekend! Stay tuned! Cheers!

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