2018 NFL Season Tall Boy Thursday Recap

Spend your VD with bWb and the 2018 NFL Season Tall Boy Thursday Recap!
We are almost two weeks removed from Super Bowl LIII and another New England Patriots victory, so it's time to wrap up and put a bow on Tall Boy Thursday for the 2018 NFL Season!

What was your favorite Tall Boy Thursday feature this season? What would you like to see featured next year?

Tall Boy Thursday

Week 1- Four Loko Gold
Week 2 - Coors Banquet
Week 3 - Rolling Rock
Week 4 - Labbat Blue
Week 5 - Four Loko Black
Week 7 - Natty Light
Week 8 - Genesee Beer
Week 9 - Hamm's Premium
Week  10 - Steel Reserve
Week  11 - Schlitz Malt Liquor
Week  13 - Keystone Ice
Week 14 - Molson XXX
Week 17 - Bud Ice
Wild Card Round - Colt 45
Divisional Round - Genesee Cream Ale
Conference Championships - Icehouse EDGE
Pro Bowl - Miller High Life
Super Bowl - Milwaukee's Best Ice

No new podcast this week, but you can still enjoy my incorrect Super Bowl predictions, the 2018 NFL season Tall Boy Thursday recap, and MORE on the latest edition of Bumming with Bobcat! Grab a drink and enjoy! Cheers! 

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