Bumming with Bob Roland

Spend Mad Dog Margarita Monday with former distiller and beer brewer turned podcaster, Bob Roland on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat!

What exactly does a Mad Dog Margarita consist of? Great question!

It's a 4/2/1 recipe of MD 20/20 Red Grape Wine, Triple Sec, and lime juice. It's a good idea to cut back on the triple sec, and up the lime slightly to give it more acidity to cut back on the sweetness. This one is a winner in my book, so it's on the list as a must try for all you listeners out there. Go ahead and mix up this new bum wine concoction and crank up the podcast!

Bob is 1/2 of the A Gal Walks Into a Comic Shop podcast. "Bob knows comics, Barbara never read them in her life. Weekly, they podcast about it!" On Bumming with Bobcat, Bob and Bob cover all the hard hitting podcasting topics. Should you play your own podcast at party? And how much shameless self promotion is too much self promotion? Why does every podcaster need a good bar wench? We get to the bottom of it all while enjoying a few drinks.

It has arrived! Make sure to check out Pabst Blue Ribbon Hard Coffee as the bumwinebob.com malt beverage of the week! Do you like coffee? Do you like alcohol in your coffee? This is the drink for you!

Football is BACK and the bumwinebob.com NFL pick'em league is BACK for 2019! Join the group and tell your friends that Tall Boy Thursday returns week 1 of the NFL season!

Group ID: 4615
Password: bobcat2019

All that and MORE featured on this weeks episode! Grab a drink and give it a listen. Cheers!

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