NFAMADWF: "So what the fuck do you want?"

"So what the fuck do you want?"

Jim Cornette is a dinosaur who at one time had an amazing mind for the business of professional wrestling. It's not hard for me to say either things about a guy that, growing up, I respected very much. 

He was just as integral to the growth of Jim Crockett promotions as Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes or the Road Warriors were. 

His character was different in the face of blue collar, bad ass, red neck fuckers who didn't care about money, but how much ass they kicked the night before. 

But as the years have pressed on, all that has been shit on by how miserable a mother fucker Jim Cornette is. If he's not threatening the life of other promoters, he's pistol beating independent wrestlers who dare fucking evolve the sport of professional wrestling. 

You know, I get that those were very personally cherished times in Cornette's life. Great friends were made (Unless you worked the drive thru at Wendy's), money was made and stories were told.

He hates the dick flipping, floppity flip move sets of today's' wrestling world. But this is what the fans crave, this is what the fans want.

Just because it's not what Cornette's era did, doesn't make it any less pro wrestling than what they did compared to the early 1900's when it was a very mat based move set with very little aerial maneuvers. His Midnight Express would have been the Young Bucks of the early 1900's.

The only difference is, Lou Thesz didn't have a fucking twitter and podcast to bitch and moan about every fucking person that makes a buck in JIM CORNETTES WRESTLING WORLD. 


Beyond Wrestling runs Americanrana19 on Sunday at 4:30, which you can watch live on IWTV.Live for free using the code promo code BEYOND. Americanrana is Beyonds "WrestleMania" and the card is STACKED. Mainevent sees David Starr take on Joey Janela, with Daisuke Sekimoto taking on Chris Dickinson in what easily could mainevent the show as well. Our lord and savior, Orange Cassidy will defend his Independent Championship Belt against R.D. Evans, while the up-and-coming Josh Briggs takes on Johnny Foxwoods (aka Johnny Impact, etc.). 

It doesn't stop there, either. The ROCK AND FUCKING ROLL EXPRESS take on The Buther & The Blade, while the amazing Kris Statlander and Kimberlee battle it out in female action.

"Dirty" Tom Lawlor & "Dirt Sheet Writer" Bryan Alvarez battle Nick F'N Cage & Thomas Santell. LAX battle Bear Country, John Silver takes on Alex Reynolds and Wheeler Yuta goes one on one with Chuck O'Neil. Oh, and then there's the Ladder match featuring Cheeseburger. 

To say this is going to be an amazing show is a lowkey understatement. 

Beyond management upped the stakes though, posting on twitter on Friday "We will make an announcement regarding the future of Uncharted Territory at Americanrana19 - and rumor has it, it's a BIG announcement. 

Thomas Santell has been a huge breakthrough star through the Uncharted series, and a lot of Americanrana's ticket sale success can be attributed to how great the Uncharted series has been. Wednesday nights on Twitter are damn fun, and it's not just because of NXT. 

Beyond provides a nonstop, action packed show every on a weekly basis, and the fruition is about to be paid out. 


American wrestling fans can really never get on the same page, it seems. No less than six months ago, fans who most likely never watch NJPW, because firing off their SJW posts regarding the lack of female talent on NJPW cards. Fuck the idea that some countries have different beliefs and traditions. Women in Japan have always had their own promotions, such as STARDOM. The women have never fought to be included in NJPW or other mens promotions. Everyone is happy with the arrangements there.

But leave it to the American Hero who fights for the rights of every (wo)man. Regardless the need.

But, fast forward to the last week or so. Those same SJW's now are wanting WWE to create a women's only show. Yeah, you fucking read that right. Makes you scratch your head, right?

Just another toxic wrestling fan made up movement. 


That's it for this week. Want to wish BumWineBob a happy birthday. I didn't realize he still celebrated after his 100th. Seen any good wrestling and want to chat about it? Hit me up on Twitter.

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- Dennis  @thewrestleverse

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