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Ratings are NONSpoiler.

My Predictions for this show can be found here:

How I did: 4-4.

Ratings are for main show only - so the women's battle royale escaped ridicule in this one. (However, I will rate it. 1.5/5. Sloppy and disappointing).

What are my ratings based upon?

The Rubric:

1. Skill Value - How flawless that match is moving, within the moves
2. Entertainment Value - I'm invested, am I laughing, screaming, yelling?
3. Shock Value - Holy shit moments, duh.
4. Longevity Value - Will this match be remembered in five years?
5. Recommendation Value - Would I tell a non-wrestling fan to watch this, or a hardcore wrestling snob about this match? 

As the night unfolded, I was reminded of why I love professional wrestling. It's like ... If your favorite sport was played upon a rubix cube, where everything you knew ten minutes ago, changes within a minute. Watching Nick Jackson bounce on ropes and define, not defy, gravity in his own narrative, I became spellbound as I was in 1986. In 1986 I stumbled upon Dusty Rhodes and Ric Flair sharing barbs and I knew I'd found my poetry.

Did everything work tonight? No. Battle Royale was horrible. Dark Order/Best Friends was disappointing.

But the last three matches tell me that, given time - the stories we saw being told will lead to some amazing moments.

Match - Rating

SCU v. Jurassic Express

Solid match. The big rub coming to Luchasauraus for his performance. Fans seem to be really high on him. Commentary effected the match for me, which ..., it shouldn't, but JR's refusal to call Jungle Boy, Jungle Boy, kind of annoyed me, and being that commentary is part of my viewing experience, I have to note it and dock it. What can you say about SCU. They are consummate professionals, with Scorpio Sky a huge solo future ahead of himself, does he ever choose it.


Kenny Omega v. "The Bastard" PAC

After Jon Moxley had to pull out of his match with Omega, it was a no-brainer to bring in PAC - if he was available. A dream match for some that lived up to they hype by delivering a hard hitting, high flying match.


Joey Janela v. Darby Allin v. Jimmy Havoc

You got exactly what you'd expect from a match that included these three guys. How Darby Allin can even move is beyond me. Another apron bump, on his neck no less and I can't move just thinking about it. And then the SICK bump onto the Cracker Barrel. He literally crashed through a barrel. Allin hitting Janela with the skateboard covered in thumbtacks was a favorite moment of the night too.


Dark Order v. Best Friends

Let's be honest ... hard to follow the threeway cracker barrel insta classic, and I feel like this is the very reason this match was placed here. The only redeeming entertainment value for me, is Orange Cassidy coming to the aid of Best Friends. And of course, JR had to ruin the moment with his "Mr.. Laisez Faire," comment.


Riho v. Hikaru Shida

I'm a big fan of what I've seen of Shida - she has the look and the makeup of a really terrific worker, but I'll admit that I know little of her work outside of AEW; which is true for Riho, as well. All that said, the match kept me interested, never insulted me in the context of the story being told on this night. I hope that we see more of Shida. I really think she has superstar written all over her, and would match up very well with Bea Priestley.


Cody Rhodes v. Shawn Spears

You know eventually MJF is going to turn, and yet, still, the tension exists as if it's not planned. It's compelling shit that WWE has a hard time creating, or at the very least, maintaining over a long period of time.

If you are new to the booking ideals of Omega/Bucks/Rhodes ... They like the slow burn, the long story. Wrestling and Shakespeare go hand in hand - there's this poetic justic in the action of a worked feud. Done perfectly, even with kayfabe being dead, the lines blur to the point that you no longer know who is who and why the story is playing out the way it is.

Why did Arn Anderson come to Cody's aid, when Arn was very much on the side of Blanchard and the Horseman during the Dusty Rhodes/Ric Flair feud? Why did Rhodes bring MJF instead of someone in his inner circle?

The match was intense, with Rhodes methodical in his approach, while Spears never seemed to have a great grasp on the action. Shenanigans were played in a damn fun match.


The LuchaBro's v. The Young Bucks for the Triple A Tag Team Titles

Wow. Two times (if not more) I thought one of the Bucks was coming out of this match SEVERELY injured. Nick took a sick bump from the top of a falling ladder, clipping the ring rope, which prevented him from fully extending into two tables, barely scalping his forehead. Not to be outdone, Matt took a destroyer off the top rope into tables, and the arch of his back on impact was scary as hell. I can't tell you how much I loved the action of all four men in this match, but I'm going to be honest and say I never want to see a match that dangerous again.

EDIT: The insanity of this match is this. I rewatched it two more times, before rating it. I didn't realize that Matt's big bump came before Nicks. The violence bled so beautifully into each carnal destruction, that I lost track of where we lived and where we died.


Adam Page v. Chris Jericho for the AEW World Title

Imagine being 48 years old and having the chance to lead a brand new company into a war (whatever that is) with your former boss who built you big enough that you could become that threat, without them ever knowing it. Imagine being a 28 year old with the chance of becoming the first world champ in an organization that has a ton of buzz, a tv deal, money to be made and you've only been wrestling for 10 years.

NOTE: Jericho touched the belt, when Aubrey Adams, the first women to officiate a World Title match, presented him the title pre-bell - Adam Page declined to touch it, just stared at it. Nice touch.

Anyone who said this match didn't feel special as the night came upon the moment is selling you a bill of lies. Goose bumps when Page rode out on his horse, and wonder filled my mind with Jericho's sly smile as he approached the ring.

Of course, you had the WWE fans clamoring to comment on Jericho balding head and the bulge in his stomach - but the plane as hell fact is Jericho can still wrestle an intense match without looking like a buffoon. And Page looked great here, tonight, as well. I think the right man won, tonight, but it's not over yet.


Show Total:
28.75/40 = 3.59

- Dennis  @thewrestleverse

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