Get LYTT After Labor Day

They say you can’t wear white after Labor Day, but you can still get LYTT! Summer 2019 might be coming to an end, but there's still time to get LYTT before fall comes rolling in! You might remember when we got everyone LYTT for Summer 2018 with LYTT Hard Cherry Lime, but now LYTT has returned with two new varieties to close out Summer 2019!

LYTT Blue Bomb and LYTT Pink Payload are their two newest offerings coming in at 15% Alc/Vol.

What better way to celebrate the unofficial end of summer by cracking open both cans and seeing how they compare on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! What's the verdict?

Listen to "Get LYTT After Labor Day" on Spreaker.

Give it a listen and find out!

Looking for something TOTALLY different in your life? Check out Four Loko Hemp as the malt beverage of the week!

The 2019 NFL Season has officially started, but there's still time to enjoy the BWB 2019 NFL Week 1 Preview and sign up for the 2019 BWB NFL Pick'em league! Missed the first game of the season? No problem! You can still join the group on Yahoo and catch up! This years league champion will get a bWb prize pack!

Group ID: 4615
Password: bobcat2019

We celebrated the return of regular season NFL action with Olde English 800 for the return of Tall Boy Thursday! Stay tuned for other great Tall Boy Thursday beverages every Thursday throughout the NFL Season!

I'd like to give another shoutout to Nate, Moose, and Benny from the Everyone Has A Sports Podcast, who gave and Bumming with Bobcat some love on a recent episode! Be sure to check them out and leave a nice review for their podcast on your favorite podcast app. Tell them Bum Wine Bob sent you!

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Listen to "Get LYTT After Labor Day" on Spreaker.

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