Monday Night Raw In Review: 9/9/19

Monday Night Raw In Review

A quick top 5 look through the eyes of your Natty Daddy, good or bad.

The Ruberic: The higher the ABV, the better. Because who want's to be sober on
a Monday Night?  The ruberic is effected by things such as how entertaining was/is the match or angle; will we be talking about it next week at the water cooler, did it make sense, etc. 

The ABV tops out at 10%, named after the De Dolle Dulle Teve 10, a 
fruity beer with a touch of butterscotch. My Dad was a huge fan of butterscotch,
and this is a tribute to him.

Translated, De Dolle Dull Teve 10 means "Mad Bitch," and that's what a great moment
in wrestling should be. 


"Shut up, Steve"

U.S. Champion A.J. Styles had the early line of the night, walking
to the ring and nonchalantly telling the Toughest S.O.B. in WWE
to "Shut up, Steve". I almost spit my beer out.  

Rating: 6.2 ABV


"A stronger bond?" 

Maybe it's just the teenage boy in me, but ... are WWE playing 
a wild game of "are they/aren't they hot for each other," game? Because
if you want my attention ... well .. you got it.   

Rating: 5.2 ABV


"Two masked men walk into a dead crowd," 

... And bring a little bit of entertainment where the others failed. Mysterio is 
a freak of nature at 44, doing what he does with such ease. It's like watching 1997
Nitro .. never changes. Metalik just as smooth, shows great footwork on the ropes and
never fails to entertain - especially on a show that has been boring since the opening

Rating: 5.8 ABV


"King me, ..."

... Not so fast. The widespread belief of the IWC (Internet Wrestling Community) before the show started saw Corbin defeating both Joe and Richochet to get to the finals of the WWE's 2019 version of the King of the Ring.

And they were right. Sadly. The only thing Corbin brings to the table is size. He's in no way entertaining, and the fans want Joe.

Rating: 4.1 ABV


"Friends forget ... but Fiend, never forgets ..."

Bray Wyatt is a once in a life time talent whose mic skills make a great
mic man look like a dope. Every word he says, you hang onto, he's almost
like Jake Roberts in that sense.

I need him to destroy Austin tonight.

Rating: 7.3 ABV


In Other wrestling news .....

Anthem, parent company of Impact Wrestling, came to terms with Mark Cuban on the purchase of AXS. AXS currently airs NJPW and WOW ... from those I've spoken too, this might be a precurser to AXS becoming Fight Network America. This could be a game changer for Impact Wrestling. With a company backed by a station fully focused on pushing them, Impact could easily capitalize on their current creative run and make it very interesting in the year 2020. 

The first thing they need to do is sign Tessa Blanchard to a long term deal and try to fix the relationship with Killer Kross. Best way to do that is mend the relationship with Scarlett Bordeaux. 

Bringing in The Villian, Marty Scurll would be a wise move as well.

It's time to make power moves.

- Dennis  @thewrestleverse

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