The 2019 NFL Season Final Countdown

The final quarter of the 2019 NFL season is upon us! How did your NFL pre-season predictions go? What about your NFL post first quarter predictions? It's looking like my Saints/Chargers Super Bowl will have to wait another year with the Chargers slumming it for another season, but the Saints have already clinched the NFC South and have a chance to make a big playoff run. Could we see them in the big game? Time will tell!

What are your Super Bowl LIV predictions as we approach the playoffs? It's smart to keep up with the latest NFL betting odds so you have all the ammunition needed to pick wisely and wrap up the 2019 NFL season on a high note. Could we see a new team make a deep playoff run? The Buffalo Bills have been quielty moving up the ranks after a big win over the Dallas Cowboys on Thanksgiving, but I think we are all still waiting for them to fall victim to themselves, because nobody circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills. The New York Jets are still technically alive in the playoff hunt at 4-8, but they would need an absolute miracle to find a way in the door. All the Thunderbird in the world isn't going to help them at this point. The NFC looks to be the stronger conference this year, but as long as the New England Patriots don't win another Super Bowl, we are all winners in my book!

For all you fantasy football fans out there, how did your team fare this year? Who were your fantasy duds of the season? The fantasy football playoffs are here, and I'm happy say that Bumming with Bobcat went 11-2 as the top team in the 2019 Disc Shooter FFL! Now it's on to the playoffs and hopefully another Bumming with Bobcat championship! Time to get the Night Train Express on ice!
The 2019 BWB NFL Pick'Em league is winding down and it's starting to look like a victory for CrazyNVa. He has a 7 game lead heading into week 14, so unless he has a massive meltdown, he can start to celebrate his BWB pick'em league championship early.

The 2019 NFL season is coming to and end, so that means we are one step closer to 2020 and the big MD 20/20 reveal! Can you think of a better way to kickoff the NFL playoffs than with a new MD 20/20 flavor? Me neither!

With the holiday season now in full swing, the Hammsgiving celebrations continue on this weeks edition of Bumming with Bobcat! We discuss the big MD 20/20 news coming on 1/1/2020, Hamm’s for the holidays, Tecate Titanium, and MORE! Check it out and enjoy! Cheers!

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