When Art And Family Collide

Are you tired of the same ol' same ol' wrestling you find on network tv? If the answer is yes, my friends, you are not alone. The business has seen a change in not only what wrestling fans want to see, but also how they consume the content.

Take for instance, the NWA exists solely through Youtube. Promotions like Beyond Wrestling and Freelance Wrestling live via IWTV.live and Game Changer Wrestling is a key cog in the Fite.tv machine.

Then there is Crux Wrestling. Never heard of Crux before? Well ... you're about to, in a big way. This Saturday, after GCW's W.O.M.B.A.T, Crux invades the White Claw Arena in a battle for the ages.

"The event is going to be like most of our weekly events that we provide for free on twitter," head trainer of Crux Wrestling, Kerry Awful said. "We've been compared to TV shows like "The Office," "Wayne's World," and "Community". I think you could also compare us to an open mic/fight club type of thing," Awful continued.

Crux has been blazing a trail unique unto itself. They don't do normal wrestling events. It's almost like they are opening the "third wall" and letting us peak into the day to day actions of a promotion desperate to keep it's doors open. And at the center of this show is the family environment that Awful and his kids (Ison, Jaden, Brickster, Patrick and Lutha X) have built - and how his tutelage guides them through their journey.

The story line bleeds into reality as you will learn. "Most people want to get signed somewhere so they can wrestle to make money," Awful told me. "We wrestle to give these kids a new avenue to create their art every other week for free, on twitter,".

The other reality is this: Awful is a brand new Dad - but the pregnancy and the birth was a battle itself, and he has accrued some bills that, as you can imagine, are tough to pay on a independent pro wrestlers wages.

So, on December 7th, after W.O.M.B.A.T takes place live on Fite.TV - GCW v. Crux will take place, right after for free on Twitter. While there is no cost for the show, a donation would be appreciated.

Important Links & Shit:

Crux Twitter Page: https://twitter.com/CruxWrestling
Kerry's PayPal: KerryAwful@gmail.com
Kerry's Venmo: KerryAwful@gmail.com
GCW W.O.M.B.A.T Fite.Tv Link: https://www.fite.tv/watch/gcw-wombat-2/2p4xi/

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