2019 NFL Season Tall Boy Thursday Recap

XFL fever is heating up as we get ready for week 2 of action, but it's time to take a look back at all the fun we had every Tall Boy Thursday of the 2019 NFL season!
After the first NFL Tall Boy Thursday season in 2018, I went out on a mission to not duplicate any beverages from last year, and was successful! Stay tuned for Tall Boy Thursday 2020!

What was your favorite Tall Boy Thursday feature this season? What would you like to see featured next year?

Tall Boy Thursday

Week 1- Olde English 800
Week 2 - Labatt Ice
Week 3 - Modelo Especial
Week 5 - Natural Ice
Week 6 - Keystone Light
Week 7 - Pabst Blue Ribbon
Week 8 - Blue Moon
Week 9 - Genesee Ice
Week  10 - Natty Daddy
Week  11 - Miller Lite
Week 12 - Earthquake
Week  13 - Tecate Titanium
Week 14 - Labatt Blue
Week 15 - Heineken
Week 16 - Yuengling Lager
Week 17 - Budweiser
Wild Card Round - 211 Hard Pineapple
Divisional Round - Dos Equis Lager Especial
Conference Championships - Corona Extra
Super Bowl - Labatt MAX Ice

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