GCW Presents Acid Cup 2 on IWTV

GCW Presents ‘Acid Cup 2’ (Night 1)
Live from the GCW Performance Center, Somewhere in...Texas, maybe...
Streaming on IWTV.live
March 19, 2020

So the world changed quickly in the last seven days, right? This time last week at Wrld On GCW there was an audience of energized wrestling fans and a question of whether or not this would be the last time we’d see fans gather for an event like this for some time. Within the week we would start seeing shows from every promotion run without attendance. Depending on the promotion, this turned out to be either a surreal thing or something amazing in its most natural form. At tonight’s first round of Acid Cup 2, GCW came through with true finesse in unprecedented times.

Tonight’s Announcers: Brett Lauderdale, Chris Dickinson, Pinkie Sanchez, Allie Kat, Jimmy Lloyd, various crew
Shoutout to the wrestlers who do a hell of a job announcing their fellow workers! Jimmy Lloyd’s intro for Nick Gage was up there among the best I’ve seen, and Allie Kat giving a great introduction for Chris Dickinson was a fun moment as well.

Tonight’s Commentary: Joey Janela
‘In rare form’ doesn’t even begin to describe Coronavirus-era Joey Janela on commentary. The Bad Boy killed it tonight going solo. Highlights include “I need a dick wash”, the constant references to the cardboard cutout of Pitbull at ringside, and Joey’s perfect can throw that nailed referee Ryan in the head while the latter was dancing at ringside to Pitbull’s ‘performance’. LOL

Acid Cup First Round Match Results:
KTB defeated Cole Radrick
Shane Mercer defeated Lucky 13
Allie Kat defeated Atticus Cogar
Jordan Oliver defeated Ellis Taylor
Matthew Justice defeated Jimmy Lloyd
Blake Christian defeated Benjamin Carter
Chris Dickinson defeated Pinkie Sanchez
Nick Gage defeated Manders

Show Synopsis:
There’s something really cool about watching wrestlers watch matches and give strong support to their own. That’s the vibe you get with Acid Cup 2, the low-key mentality of this show (and the refusal of the wrestlers at ringside to keep a six-foot distance from one another) made it very entertaining. The opening match with KTB vs. Radrick was a banger that ended via submission with KTB advancing; Cole Radrick’s style was made for GCW. He may not win the Acid Cup but I damn sure need to see him booked at more events. Lucky 13 vs. Mercer was the hard-hitting banger you’d expect it to be, I’m always impressed at how damn strong Mercer is and just how great of an underrated wrestler Lucky is. The Allie Kat/Cogar match was solid and the finish made perfect sense with Nick Gage getting involved with one of the hated 44OH members; there’s no way he was going to let one of RSP’s boys go without a threat.

When it came down to YDNB vs. YDNB I was all the way in with Jordan Oliver vs. Ellis Taylor, hopefully people are starting to see some talent underneath the young, dumb, and broke exterior. It’s there and it showed in tonight’s match. We got the craziness and fuckery with Jimmy Lloyd vs. Matthew Justice, this was a match where CTE was more of a threat than the Coronavirus. LOTS of chair shots in that one! The show stealer of the night went to Benjamin Carter and Blake Christian; just like with Radrick I hope we see a lot more of Benjamin Carter in GCW. I’ve seen him go to war (and lose a tooth) live at Southern Underground Pro and was made a fan then and there. The last two matches that followed ended Night 1 of the Acid Cup in the best way; Dickinson vs. Sanchez saw Team Pazuzu colliding for the Cup and was a damn fine match for both the Dirty Daddy and El Presidente. Nick Gage vs. Manders ended the show on a savage note with the King getting the win over the Cornbelt Cowboy after the two went to big time battle with one another.

Closing Thoughts:
Tomorrow night we get the conclusion of the tournament and it should be every bit as great as night 1 of Acid Cup 2! In addition we’ll also see what I think it’s the world’s first ‘Social Distancing Match’ involving Joey Janela...if it involves Janela, I’m a hundred percent in on it. Be there for Night 2 starting at 7pm Eastern Friday evening on IWTV! In the meantime, here’s a look at some of what went down on the first night:

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