ROH Television Recap: Episode 444

Ring of Honor TV: Episode 444
By Dylan Hager

It is the start of another week, so it must be time for another episode of ROH TV!

This weeks episode starts with a look at the history of 2 Guys 1 Tag. Silas and Josh get their shot at Lethal and Gresham in this week's main event.

Quinn McKay is the host again this week. She hypes up the show for this week. Alex Shelly vs Rey Horus is also on this weeks show. All of this weeks matches are from the Bound By Honor show last month. Up first...

The Briscoes vs Dan Maff and Jeff Cobb
Can I start by saying the Briscoes are one of the best teams in all of wrestling?! They're so good! This match was very physical and very entertaining. Maff and Cobb have formed one of my favorite teams, but they new teammates lost this one to the more experienced team. Dem Boyz picked up the win with a Jay Driller/Froggy Bow combo on Cobb. This match showcased the Briscoes speed and teamwork against the strength and athleticism of Cobb and Maff. Cobb and Maff have already earned a title shot. Does this win put the Briscoes in line for Lethal and Gresham as well? Winners: The Briscoes

Alex Shelly vs Rey Horus
Okay! We go straight into our second match tonight. Great technical masterpiece here. Shelly won with the Motor City Stretch. Both men looked great in this one. Horus showed her can go move for move with a vet like Shelly, and he was able to show off his high flying skills. Shelly was just one step ahead and earned the submission win in the end. It amazes me that Shelly is still so good. I wouldn't mind seeing him get a shot at the title soon. Shelly winning the Pure Title whenever it gets brought back would also be cool. Winner: Alex Shelly

Back to Quinn McKay. Quinn talks about the Anniversary PPV and Past vs Present even though the shows didn't happen. Quinn then talks about matches they have "scheduled" for the Supercard of Honor show during Mania weekend, even though that show has also been canceled.

Main event time!

ROH World Tag Team Championship: Jay Lethal and Jonathan Gresham (c) vs 2 Guys 1 Tag
The Champs attacked Silas and Woods before the bell. Lethal and Gresham worked over Young's knee for most of the match. Silas finally tagged in Woods, who took the momentum from Lethal and Gresham. Woods and Silas worked together to get a couple near falls on Gresham, but they couldn't get the three count. Lethal locked Silas in the Figure Four, but Woods was able to break up the hold. The Champs hit a Lethal Combination/Shooting Star Press combo on Silas, but Young kicked out. Silas rolled up Gresham and had a visual three count, but the ref was distracted. Lethal switched the postion of the roll up, and Gresham pinned Silas. This match was REALLY good! A little short for a title match, but I'm 98% sure Silas had a legit knee injury. Great effort by all four men! Winners: Jay Lethal and Johnathan Gresham

Solid show this week! Loved all three matches. Great mix of veterans like Lethal, Maff, Shelly, and The Briscoes, and the young talent like Cobb, Horus, and Gresham. ROH is having a great 2020!

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