The Krude Experience - Godzilla


"Oh no they say he's got to go,go,go Godzilla"

Quoting a heavy Blue Oyster Cult tune isn't gonna make Krude an Internet superstar. It will give me instant cred with the classic rock set though. All 371 of them. Bless their deep cut vinyl hearts.

Big, scary monsters have always been a way to sell movie tickets or action figures. Anybody with half a heart wants to see the big meanie get taken down at the end of the flick. It's basic human nature to want to destroy a menacing enemy. Does Darth Vader ultimately win in the geeky Star Wars franchise? No. George Lucas knows what brings home the back bacon:Fresh faced good guys with blue eyes. Who win. The American Way.

Mick Foley once said that the pro wrestling world was "more real than the real world". He has a point. Pro wrestling is a physical show. With a script. That doesn't always go as planned. And that's what makes it so fun to watch. Life is a lot like pro wrestling. As much as we try to make our lives go as we wish, unexpected circumstances foil our determinations. I never thought I would be designing interiors for a living at this stage of my life. But somehow I took to the interiors business 15 years ago and stuck with it. Never losing my Krude edge along the way.

Doing a shot of moonshine at work on St Patrick's Day almost made my Millennial co workers shit their pants. Didn't stop them for partaking in the distilled goodness anyways. I WAS the office monster for about 65 seconds. Until cooler heads prevailed. And the shots were poured and enjoyed by all. I'm sure this will be the way from here on in with office celebrations. We are men. Not boys with a trust funded bank account. And a love for shitty rock bands like The 1975.

Being a monster can have its advantages. So can being the Asshole. It's just those who can handle self depreciation better without getting their panties in a bunch. Like me. I don't give a shit what anybody thinks of me. Just know my heart is always in the correct place. Can't say the same the about my cock. That's a whole 'nother story. Ha!

Deep kisses and cheap feels forever!


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