#NXTTakeOver - IN YOUR HOUSE Recap & Your Thoughts

I wasn't going to recap the show. And honestly, this isn't much of a review - but I felt like I needed to write something. I think, you know, there's so much shit going on in the world ... so much bad. It was nice to watch something just to get out of the way of everything for a minute.

Even if you really can't get away from it. It's everywhere right now. And, i'm not saying that it's wrong, because it isn't. These issues need to be at the forefront, and I'll probably get a lot of hate for this ... but, my mental head space needs to refresh from time to time - and I'm thankful for pro wrestling in these times.

Depression sleep led to me missing the first couple of matches, so ... there's no recap for that.

What did see and like: That women's match was great. The right woman won, and all three put on a great fucking show. Nice to see Ripley back. The finish of the match was fantastic.

Kross killing Ciampa was the RIGHT move - a move I'm surprised to make. Normally, WWE booking says the new guy is doing the job, "paying his due,". It was great to see Ciampa willing to do the job, and I look forward to watching these two continue. Hopefully this becomes a blood feud.

The Cole/Dream match was a disaster. From horrible camera work to atrocious commentary, both men deserved better.

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